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If you have heard of Zante, than I would expect that you would have heard of Zeros Club. Famously known for our professional flair bartenders some of which are ranked up with the worlds best, our crazy and fun bar games, pranks, routines, fire breathers, huge events, orgasm cocktails and did I mention the BEST SUPER CLUB in Zante, with the best Uk & Zante resident DJ’s playing all your favorite summer anthems until the early hours of every morning.

We aim to please and I guarantee you will not be disappointed… if your planning your trip to the most upcoming summer resort in the world, then Zeros Club will certainly be your no.1 destination.

So welcome to the Zeros Club website. Here you will find a weekly guide to what events we have on during this upcoming summer, all your holiday snaps uploaded by our Zeros photography staff, staff profiles, hints & tips on visiting Zante, Merchandise and much much more…. Enjoy, and feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

Zantes No1 Bar  -  Biggest & Busiest CLUB  -  Best Team

We offer the all round best holiday experience. If you have joined us before the Nightclub opens at midnight and are sitting in our font bar, you will not be alone. Our famous, world class bartenders are there to entertain you with flair routines, fire breathing, cocktail tricks, pranks and more… all held together with Dj Paul Eden who will certainly have you laughing, dancing and singing.


From midnight, make your way into our nightclub. As one of the largest nightclubs on the island, you will most certainly not be let down with its massive sound system, unbelievable lighting and lasers and some of the UK & Zantes biggest resident DJ’s playing you through until sunrise. Watch out for those drinks deals also… as we are the biggest, we like to do things the best.

And unlike the rest…, Zeros is ran by two British guys. Which leads me on to the final part of Zeros… our Staff. Trust me, you will not find better qualified, more professional, friendly bar staff anywhere on the island… or in Greece for that matter.

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  • Recent Posts

    • TINIE TEMPAH comes to Zante

      August 10th 2013. TINIE TEMPAH, live bands, DJ,s and more hit Zante beach for Zante Music Festivals launch of its first daytime event ‘Zante Beach Open Air’ at Havana Beach Club from 1pm. Get your tickets in advance as this is sure to be a SELL OUT and the biggest event this island has ever [...]


    • STAFF NEEDED for 2013:

      * Especially the following – Photographer/Web Guru (must be exceptional on FB & Twitter) – 2x Promo Girls (able to dance/flirt/drink lol… fire breathe & stilt walkers would be great) All other positions, drop us a message and we will get back to you, but please be patient.


    • Smashin it…

      So… I don’t know if you have all heard back there in the UK, but ZEROS CLUB is having it away this year. We are host to the three biggest events on the island: Foam Party (Fridays): Now Officially the BIGGEST event on the island. The only Foam party to hit Zante this year… an [...]


    • Massive EVENTS secured for 2013

      Zeros Club has managed to secure a few massive events for this summers weekly programme. So it doesn’t matter when you arrive, you will get to experience everything that Zeros and their new found friends have to offer. Keep an eye on our events page for the launch of our weekly programme and the announcement [...]


    • STAFF WANTED Summer 2013

      Outgoing? looking to work abroad in the sun? *Especially in need for -Photographer/Web Guru -2 x Promo Girls/Dancers/Entertainers If you would like to apply for a job at Zeros this summer. Please forward your details with a photo to manager@zerosclubzante.com


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