Tips In Zante

Street Gypsies

Even though they appear friendly, they are responsible for hundreds of bag, wallet, cash and mobile phone thefts during every summer. Once they have stolen from a victim they pass it very quickly amongst themselves, so even if you realise it has happened it will be way too late.

The merchandise they sell (Hats, Balloons, glow sticks etc.) is just a front for their more lucrative schemes. The children (sometimes as young as 4) are the worst culprits of this and they quite often work in teams and play massively on how cute they are. One of their techniques is surrounding you and trying to jump up and appear to innocently hug you while the other children are opening zipped up pockets and bags and removing the contents without the victim’s knowledge – THEY ARE EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO! Be Careful!

Bag Thieves

There have been reports in the last few years in all of the Greek Islands that thieves in teams of 2 on mopeds ride close to the curb and snatch bags and drive away at speed. This is extremely rare but still take precautions to avoid this. Carry your bag curb side not road side!


The safest way to get around Laganas is most certainly on foot. However, if you choose to hire mopeds or Quads then be extremely careful as the roads are much more dangerous in Greece than the UK. Please remember to DRIVE ON THE RIGHT in Laganas.

Mopeds can be hired from as little as €15 a day and quads from €25 a day, the prices vary so make sure you shop around. We HIGHLY recommend you wear helmets for safety.

Apart from the safety aspect, the police in Laganas are really clamping down on mopeds & Quads in the resort & are organising regular stops and fining riders without helmets a fixed fine of €380  (£265:00). They set up these road stops almost every other day in and around Laganas, so wear a helmet! Be safe and not out of pocket!

The Crossroads half way down the Laganas main strip has had several accidents over the past few years – 2 being fatal. This is a high risk Junction day & night So PLEASE PLEASE be extra careful in this location.

Fruit Cocktails on the beach

Do not buy the Allegedly “Fresh” Fruit cocktails sold on Laganas beach as they are rarely fresh and quite often result in a funny tummy as they can sometimes be up to 7 days old!

Taxi Prices

Laganas – Airport – Around €10 NO MORE THAN €13

Laganas main strip to all Laganas accommodation – €5 – NO MORE THAN €8 (Don’t be lazy – Walk!)

Laganas main Strip at Night

Be very careful on the main strip in Laganas as you must remember it is still a main road and at night it remains open to traffic and not all drivers keep to a safe speed.

Stay alert at all times!

Walking alone at night

Never EVER walk back to your accommodation alone. If by any chance you find yourself alone after dark make sure you stick to well lit areas and stay away from the beach.

Taking Cigarettes/Tobacco back to the UK

The Legal limit on the amount of Cigarettes you can bring back to the UK is 3,200 per person. If you take anymore than the legal limit (even 200 more) it can result in the airport authorities seizing everything which can cause huge problems and delays and has resulted in people missing their flight home.


Do not drink the water from the taps in Zante as it can result in an upset stomach.

Only drink bottled water.


Do not flush toilet paper into the toilet as this could block the drains – Put paper in the bins provided next to the toilet.

The Heat

Please be warned that the Greek Islands (especially Zante) get some of the hottest weather in Europe. The weather is at its peak during the months of June, July & August however, may & September can also be extremely hot.

Drink lots of bottled water and make sure you slap on loads of high factor cream or oil.

Speaking Greek

Although the majority of locals speak very good English it is always appreciated if you can throw in the odd “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Good night” in Greek as this is a sign of respect to the locals.

We have listed some common phrases below…

  • Good morning – kaliméra
  • Good evening – kalispéra
  • Good night – kaliníhta
  • Hello/Goodbye – yásou
  • I’m here on holiday – káno dhiakopés edhó
  • How are you? – Ti kánis?
  • Fine, thanks. And you? – kalá, esís?
  • Cheers (when drinking) – yámas!
  • Yes – ne
  • No – óhi
  • Thank you – efharistó
  • Please – parakaló
  • Okay/All right – endáxi
  • Could you help me? – boríte na me voithísete?
  • I’m lost – éhasa to dhrómo
  • I don’t know – dhen xéro
  • I don’t understand – dhen katálava
  • Do you speak’ – xérete’
  • English? – Angliká?

Useful Numbers

  • Zante Police Department,  +30 26950 22100 62, K. Lombardou, St. Zakynthos
  • Laganas Police Department,  +30 26950 51251, 52022 Laganas
  • Port Authority,  +30 26950 28117, 28118 1, Harbour Zakynthos
  • Hospital,  +30 26950  59100,  Zakynthos
  • Airport,  +30 26950 28322,  Abelokipi,  Zakynthos
  • Bus Station (KTEL),  +30 26950 42656, 22255 42 Filita Str. Zakynthos
  • Kilini Port Authority,  +30 623 92211,  Killini Killini
  • Radio Taxi,  +30 26950 48400,   Zakynthos
  • Taxi stands,  +30 26950 22280, 28104, 23788, 28261 Zakynthos

Holidays & Flights

There are many travel companies and airlines that travel to Zante..

Below is a list of recommended companies.

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